Dead or injured badgers

Badgers are all too frequently killed or injured by  vehicles when crossing roads.  They are also subject to persecution and sometimes an animal that have been shot or attacked with dogs is left  on the roadside, where is might be assumed to have been hit by a car.

We will investigate any reports we receive of dead badgers, in order to identify the cause and look for any signs of foul play.  Reports of badgers, dead or alive, help us to map badger activity, locate setts. If we find a lactating female badger, we may also need to look for any cubs that might need our help.

We will also come to the aid of injured badgers, and where we can we will  transport them for veterinary attention or to wildlife rescue centres. (Unfortunately we don’t yet have any facilities ourselves to care for sick or injured badgers).

What to do if you see a badger on the side of the road in Calderdale

If it is safe to do so, pull over and if the badger looks like it is still alive, ring us urgently on 07894 497544.

If it is dead, email us on . If you can, move it on to a grass verge.

In either case please be as clear as possible as to the location. E.g. road name, building numbers, landmarks etc. and if possible give GPS co-ordinates, grid references or a Google Maps link.

You can also report road traffic casualties, sett locations or wildlife crimes to the Badger Trust through their Reporting Centre. Reports  relating to Calderdale may be forwarded to our group for investigation.