Badgers and wildlife crime

Badgers and their setts are protected by a number of laws, including the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (in England and Wales).

It is illegal to kill, poison, ill-treat. harm or persecute a badger, or to cause dogs to fight with a badger (this is called ‘badger baiting’). or to shine a bright light across fields so that badgers can be illegally shot or hunted by dogs (known as ‘lamping’).

It is illegal to trap or shoot a badger unless you have a government licence to do so.

It is also illegal to block up, dig into, destroy or otherwise damage a badger sett by using spades or earth moving machines, without a licence, or to cause a dog to enter a badger sett, or to disturb a badger when it is occupying a sett.

If you come across a badger crime in progress, ring the police on 999 immediately.

Do not put yourself in danger as wildlife criminal can be violent. Useful information  for the police, while staying safe, will be vehicle registration numbers, make, model and colour of vehicles, the number and description of criminals Рtheir age, build and clothing Рand descriptions of their dogs.

If you suspect that a badger crime has happened or is being planned please ring the police on 101 and be clear that your are reporting a badger crime. Make sure that you get and incident number. In both cases, please contact us after calling the police. Email or let us know on 07894 497544.

You can also report crimes or suspicious incidents to the Badger Trust through their reporting centre (for emergencies or crimes happening now call 999).